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Big Thick Burgerz (BTB) is a partnership between two brothers Saad and Ali who have lived and worked abroad. Despite all the corporate experience, both owners love to BBQ at home which is the secret behind their delicious, juicy and mouthwatering perfectly charcoal burgers.

Legacy of the BTB dates back some 30 years when one of the owners, Saad while studying in the US tasted, experimented and BBQed different recipes of burger patties. After tasting many different combinations and using exotic ingredients, he came up with a much larger, delicious, more succulent and a very juicy homemade burger patty which became everyone's favorite - We introduced it in the menu as the Most Wanted Burger.

Using the Most Wanted burger as a benchmark, other equally tender, juicy and delicious burgers were launched that became a part of our exclusive charcoal grilled burgers menu. Later, we also introduced delicious and juicy crunchy burgers with an unmatched taste in our menu to fulfil the growing demand of crunchy burgers.

What makes BTB burgers standout among other burgers is the fact that BTB burgers are 100% charcoal grilled that allows most of the oil to drain into the grill pit leaving a healthier, delicious and a juicy patty with a smoky flavor to devour. Just one bit of any BTB burger and you will get hooked with BTB burgers for life!

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